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I believe in Jesus Christ as my loving savior :pray:

I do commisions, prices starting at 20:points: and rising from there depending on difficulty

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1: What's the best compliment you've ever gotten?
That  my voice  is soothing
2: Do you trust anyone with your life?
Hai, a few people
3: What's your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
Greatest strength: determination. Greatest weakness: insecurities 
4: Your first thought when you woke up this morning?
"I need to  message Wolfe, where'd my phone go?"
5: Ugly and live forever, or attractive and die in a year?
Attractive and live a year, just because I don't want to live forever.
6: If you could have someone locked in a room for you to torment for a day whom would it be and how would you torment them?
Hmm... I don't know. Justin Bieber, with endless  classical music
7: Do you think children should be sheltered from unhappiness?
No. It teaches them how to handle it later in life as adults and builds their strength
8: If you could have personally witnessed something, what would you want to have seen?
My otouto laughing and smiling.
9: If you could wake up in another person's body who would you pick and what would you do?
Uhhh... I honestly don't know ^^;
10: If you could be any age for a week, what age would you choose?
I'd pick 6 I guess. For me, nothing hurt back then.
11:  What question do you hate to answer?
I hate when people ask what I wanna do when I grow up, because  I have to    explain over and over
12: Have you ever eaten a crayon, or glue? if not what strange things have you eaten?
I ate a dandelion when I was little
13: What cheers you up?
Talking about the problem with my otouto and watching funny gamers on YouTube 
14: What do you constantly think about that makes you sad or just anything?
That I'm not good enough
15: Do you have anyone to go to for advice, via online or in person?
Yeah,  but I'm usually on the giving end
16: What's your favorite word? how about your least favorite and why?
My favorite word is penis because I'm immature and it makes me laugh. Least favorite is tuition, because it's a lot of money I need but don't have.
17: Who is your hero?
The people who dedicate their time to helping animals 
18: What are you afraid of?
Dying and not being able to warn my family and friends
!9: Are you still learning who you are?
A little
20:  What's your favorite joke?
Anything sexual
21: Crowds, small groups or "Go away I'm a loner?"
I like  being with just one other person, maybe  two 
22: Tell me about the most terrifying moment in your life so far. Have you recovered from it?
Any moment I think I've lost my otouto is the most terrifying.. And it still scares me
23: If you could bring any person back to life, who would it be?
David Bowie
24: Which famous person do people say you most resemble?
I've never been compared to one.. I'm not pretty enough
25:  Who would you least want to be if you were to choose who you could be?
Miley Cyrus
26: Which cartoon character do you resemble? which do I resemble?
I haven't really seen any? Have you? Ame from Wolf Children
27: If you could choose your method of dying, which would it be?
In my sleep of old age
28: List someone you know and describe them in 5 simple words.
:iconyour-servant: kind, smart, talented, brave, strong

29: Are you wearing socks right now?
Nope, I go to bed barefoot
30: What's the worst injury you've had?
I guess the AVM in my lung?
31: Would you rather wrestle a lion or fight a shark?
Wrestle a lion I guess
32: Three inches taller or three inches shorter?
Three inches shorter, I'm tall enough
33: Would you rather be blind or deaf?
Blind. I can't imagine life without  music
34: If bunnies don't lay eggs, then why does the Easter Bunny leave eggs behind?
He adopted them from chickens who couldn't take care of them, and leaves them for families to find and raise
35: If You died today would you be happy with the life you had?
36: Why are people scared of tiny mice, but not afraid of Mickey Mouse, who is the biggest mouse in the world?
I don't know! I think mice are adorable.
37: If you soak some raisins in water, do they turn into grapes again?"
Good question. I hope so.
38: Why do you think some people return to the refrigerator again and again with hopes that something new to eat will have suddenly appeared?
Because we crave something and believe we have the magical powers  to bring it into existence 
39: Why is it that when people want you to duck, they yell "Head's up"?
Because as long as it doesn't last long, people laugh when people get hurt
40: What's the weirdest thing you've EVER asked Siri?
What's 0/0. Google told me to
41: Have you ever lost someone close to you then had an experience with them after they passed? are you okay to tell me about it?
:no: that's never happened to me
42: What's your favorite animal and why?
I can't pick  a favorite, they're all amazing in their own way. Seals make me laugh though, because they flop to move around
43: If you could switch places with your pet (or anyone's pet) would you do it?
Yeah, I'm curious to see life from their perspective 
44: If you could be changes into any animal, wild or domestic what would it be?
45: If you could choose when and who's family you were born into who's would it be and when would you be born and why?
Same birth time, and... I don't know. I like my family.
46: What's your favorite anime and why?
I really like kamisama hajimemashite. The manga continues it more, but it's my favorite because of all the different characters in it
47: if you could switch places with an anime character along with me who would you be and who would I be?
I want us to be inuyasha and kagome, minus the romantic connection because you are like my brother/son, because she teaches him to accept himself and shows him how to trust others and shows him the good things he's missing
48: Do you really know me?
I believe I do
49: Have you ever feared for your life and wondered if you were going to make it out alive?
50: What would your name be if you were a dog?
I'd like to be named something meaningful to whatever family I belonged to
I tag: 

Just you otouto:aww::huggle:

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I guess you left me... sayonara...
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